Public House Policy

Public House Policy

In accordance with the law of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), and of the global laws and policies of the Kolyma Network as an infrastructure provider, the following notice has been appended to this website, with recommendation the Central Committee of the Kolyma Network (17).

The "Public House" policy is a term from KolymaNET used to describe services which are widely used by the public without restriction, checkpoints, or registrations. These websites are public infrastructure, used by any two or more parties to communicate with each other across the internet.

By the nature of this system, very little can be done to stop illegal or unauthorized activity from taking place. Only retro-active action can be done to minimize the damage, remove the offending items or materials, and track the perpetrator. Pro-active abuse prevention would interfere with our goal of providing a service for public communication, and is thus, practiced only in small amounts.

In this website, each user is responsible for their own actions. All text, images, videos, and other media distributed by the user is the responsibility of the user who uploaded it. Nothing on this site, aside from the tools which are used to patrol it, belongs to or can be attributed to the Administration. It is a library of publicly-submitted, and publicly-audited materials.

Before continuing with your use of this website, you should be aware of the responsibility you bear for the posts or threads you create.